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Surveillance Camera
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Napa Regional Business - Trusted Camera Surveillance System

Areas Served

Residential, Commercial - avoid being on hold for hours, local service!


Camera Surveillance Systems that last.

Smart Search

Intuitive system with smart search.


High resolutions cameras connected to system that upgrades over time.


Flexible application to support a range of installation needs.

Professional Service

Trained professional technicians.

Local Recording and Secure!

All systems record to a local unit with optional cloud recording.  The camera surveillance unit is located on property.  Add secure user access via the local unit.

Advanced smart recording with different settings for alerts.  Record all motion but only alert when a configured event occurs.

Complete Camera Surveillance

Security Alarm Panel

So Many Features

  • Size from 2 IP Cameras on up.  Initial Central Recording Unit (CRU) will determine the maximum size.  Replace only the CRU and now continue to even more IP cameras.
  • Securely view on Smart Phone, IPAD, Tablet, computer or Visual Station both local and remote.
  • Simplified and smart review of recorded video.
  • Expert design minimized blind spots and provides proper positioning of cameras.
  • Short or long range any system can be complemented with network component. 
  • Add advanced features such as license plate identification with ongoing professional support.

Smart Integrated Systems

Smart systems are available to integrate camera surveillance, door cameras and other sensors configured to the end users needs.

Smart System Options

Two key types of smart systems are available.  One is Security System centric with the other being Smart Network Gateway centered.   Each type  is selected based on location type and requirements.


Expand on your own timeline

The Smart Security System is heart and soul a security system with a dedicated display on the smart panel.

The home panel adapts to display smart devices as they are installed and connected to the system.

Add smart shades, smart locks,  a smart thermostat and an ever growing list of supported devices.

System Design Consultation

Some locations require more advanced design from the network infrastructure to choosing the components and placement of those devices.  Napa Valley Security Consulting is available to provide consulting and system design through implementation.



Smart System App

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