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Security Systems that just work.

Smart Systems

Choose the Smart Security System and add integrations

24/7 UL Listed

UL listed 24/7 Central Alarm Monitoring


All systems can provide features via a smart app.

Professional Service

Trained professional technicians.

Alarm System and monitoring is provided by Security Etc. Alarm License ACO #3163

Take back your privacy!

Choose tried and trued systems that are free from proprietary alarm monitoring services.  Choose a system that puts you in control!

Classic Security Alarm System

Security Alarm Panel

Tried and True

  • Security Alarm System with a proven track record
  • Simple to use
  • Supports Smart Apps
  • Expand system and sensors
  • Supports both wired or secure radio sensors in the same system
  • Choose this system for reliable long term service focused essentialy on security alarm monitoring and sensors including fire alarm sensors.

Smart Security Systems

Redefining what it means to live in an intelligent home.  The Smart Security System sets the bar by combining professional wireless security with full-featured home automation in a single, robust touchpanel suitable for both home and office environments.

Broad Integration

The Smart Security System integrates with hundreds of third-party devices including well known brand name products.


Expand on your own timeline

The Smart Security System is heart and soul a security system with a dedicated display on the smart panel.

The home panel adapts to display smart devices as they are installed and connected to the system.

Add smart shades, smart locks,  a smart thermostat and an ever growing list of supported devices.

Stay Connected Everywhere

The Smart Panel is mirrored by its connected Smart App.  When at home conveniently access the system via the Smart Panel.  When away use the Smart App to control and monitor those same devices and the full featured security system.

Support is but a phone call away.  Once installed you'll have multiple ways to request help and to quickly resolve issues.

Smart System App

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