NVSC IT Support Portfolio

As a business you likely require three areas from IT support to stay focused on your business and to survive long term:

  • Reliable IT systems
  • A backup and disaster recovery plan
  • Predictable IT Services costs

NVSC IT support provides this through proactive management with NVSC Remote Managed Services (RMS) for major Operating Systems including Apple OSX/iOS and Microsoft Windows products.

The real cost to a business is discovered when a IT component or system fails.  NVSC-RMS focuses on monitoring systems in real-time to maintain performance, secure systems, anticipate issues, provide responsive support and plan for recovery when a system fails.  To do this we use:

  • RMS Agent monitoring workstations in real-time with automated alerts
  • Regular performance and security checks with pro-active maintenance
  • Implementing a secure image based backup and recovery plan
  • Multi-layered advanced security software chosen without compromise.

 The NVSC-RMS is an affordable plan with unlimited remote support service.  It is a plan you can use that allows you to budget for your business’s IT support needs.  Please continue reading and when you are ready feel free to contact us to start your NVSC-RMS plan.

Comprehensive Data Backup

Image based Data Backup to ensure ALL your data is secure with a difference.

Data image recovery testing.

A data backup solution is NOT a true solution if the data recovery process fails.  Regular automated testing protects against this scenario.

Proactive Monitoring

The NVSC-Remote Managed Service provides for pro-active monitoring of computers and systems.

Realtime Reporting

A monitoring agent is configured to monitor computer systems and set-points alert accordingly.  Keeping a pulse on the computer system allows pro-active management and quicker resolution of issues.

Multi-Layered Security

Proven top-rated security elements are layered to protect the computer systems.

Build Something Beautiful

Top rated anti-virus, ransomware blocking utilities, network security, browser security and education on best practices are combined to protect your data and IT infrastructure.

Unlimited Remote Support

NVSC-RMS includes unlimited remote support as part of the service. No need to worry about extra fees, it's included!

Remote Support (text, call, direct chat)

Business continuity is a combination of being prepared by backing up your data, monitoring and keeping systems running and the ability to contact us for those gotcha moments.  You can reach out conveniently via text, call or direct chat as needed without worrying about additional charges.

NVSC Backup Services

NVSC offers a full suite of backup options that includes both onsite backups, offsite backups and backup of your online services.  Protect your valuable DATA.  These services are even better value when combines with the NVSC Remote Managed Services.

Maybe your business is running a Server that is expensive to maintain.  Our onsite backup system uses a smart NAS and this can be leveraged to retire a server without compromising business operations.  Please contact us today to learn more.

Why Choose Us

      • Fully responsive NVSC-Remote Managed Services (RMS)
      • Awesome opportunity to improve your business continuity.  Big business features available to your business.
      • Unlimited remote support as part of the NVSC-RMS including the best security software.
      • Multiple backup options to protect the data you cannot afford to loose.
      • Your business is our business, please contact us to learn more.
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