Camera Surveillance Napa

Camera Surveillance Napa

Cost effective Quality High Resolution multi-stream cameras that are designed in the U.S.A. providing local support.  Our Camera Surveillance System design surpasses a vast majority of CSS installed today by virtue of it’s reliability, ease of use and ability to expand without significant configuration changes.

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Camera Surveillance is about both deterring crime and capturing images that allow a reasonable ability to identify the persons and activities associated with a crime. A vast majority of surveillance camera installations lack key features to achieve these results. The primary focus is placed on budget but when something is stolen or an incident occurs that far outweighs the initial budget constraints the flaws or the surveillance system are revealed.

NVSC using decades of surveillance system design experience paired with IT knowledge works with our clients to ensure the design of the system is a balanced union of budget and function. Many of the common pitfalls of surveillance systems are avoided to achieve results that work. Please contact us today about your camera surveillance requirements.

The camera we use is a 5 star rated wireless IP camera. It is made in the USA. This self-contained camera provides:

  • high resolution
  • day/night operation
  • motion detection activated alerts
  • multi-level video recording
  • No additional fees for monthly, yearly recording and viewing
  • Phone Apps with secure video viewing
  • Live view from phone and computer Browser.

Our designs combine both camera surveillance and IT design expertise resulting in a network infrastructure that will be enhanced to meet the camera surveillance requirements.